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What our clients have to say


"We were advised by our accountant a few years ago to contact Glenn at Quartz to review our investments.  Our experience with Glenn has been excellent on both a professional and personal level.  Over several meetings, we have understood the investment options available and have invested accordingly.  We would not hesitate to recommend Glenn to family and friends"


“I chose to work with Glenn and his team because I trust their integrity and genuine approach to doing the best for their client.  I initially came to them, some years ago, upon recommendation from a trusted source as I knew I needed guidance as to where best to invest my retirement funds as they accumulated as a result of my busy working life. I had neither the time nor the knowledge to do this myself. Glenn took the time to understand what my goals were, he keeps me well informed and is always available for advice and guidance.  

I can recommend Quartz Wealth, especially for busy people like myself, who just need someone you can trust to look after your investments and help you work towards your financial goal and give you resultant peace of mind.”


 “Glenn was recommended to me about 3 1/2 years ago at a time when I had taken redundancy and was planning some major lifestyle changes which involved relocating and working part time on a contract basis. I needed advice on how best to manage and grow my financial resources to enable this lifestyle change. Glenn took time to get to know me and to understand my aspirations before presenting me with a proposed investment plan which he also ensured that I understood and was happy with. He has integrity and I believe operates on a principled basis. I have no hesitation in recommending Quartz Wealth Management and indeed have done so.”


“Glenn was recommended to our family trust by our accountant, as we needed guidance with our financial planning. Glenn and his team made the process of investing in the markets easy and we were comfortable that we didn’t completely understand all the ins and outs of investing as they were there to inform and guide us.  They are real people that we have built up a relationship of trust with.  Quartz do all the hard work for us, they are easy to contact and communicate with, and we are happy with the return on our investment.”


"I approached Glenn at Quartz Wealth after researching some other financial advisory firms.  Reacquainting an old family connection with Glenn swayed my decision.

I had an existing investment portfolio and I wanted to get a second opinion/audit of my investments to make sure that I was on the right track for my current situation and future plans.  

I needed advice on the best way to finance some life decisions I needed to make.

Glenn’s approach was different to what I had experienced before.  Rather than a focus purely on $value of my portfolio, he firstly asked what I wanted out of life and for the future. 

He explained the Quartz approach is how to achieve that, taking into consideration my current position, my goals and working within my risk tolerance.  It was a refreshing change of focus.

I was fortunate to work with both Glenn and Mark and appreciated how approachable they both were and how they listened to what was important to me.   They laid out a simple proposal for how I could financially live the life I had explained I wanted.  Extrapolating my age out into my 90s was a bit scary but well worth the visual to see that by taking on their advice, I could achieve what I currently want to.

I would definitely recommend Quartz Wealth to anyone of any age.  Any time is good to start a financial/life plan.  Equally, anytime is good to assess an existing plan and consider changes to achieve your goals or to meet your changing lifestyle." 


“Partly as a result of previous experiences which resulted in me losing money, I’m pretty risk-adverse, and hoped that leaving my retirement savings in term deposit accounts at various banks would be safest option. But there was the worry about whether I would have enough saved to support me into my old age.

I was quite wary after hearing anecdotes in the past about financial advisers absconding with clients’ funds or giving unsound advice so went in to my first few meetings guardedly.

Glenn took things at a pace I could cope with. He talked me through how to more accurately predict the amount I would need to live from each year.  I learnt to trust Glenn and took the plunge.

I have absolutely no regrets about choosing Quartz Wealth. 

I find it empowering being able to keep tabs on my money without having to understand all the vagaries of the markets. That’s the job of the experts at Quartz.

I have and will continue to recommend Glenn and his team to my friends and family.”


 “Two years ago I emigrated from Edinburgh and came with a small portfolio of investments. For some years I have had a rental property, but with the downturn in the housing market I decided to sell it, and did so very well. Unsure of the New Zealand Financial Markets, I sought advice from a Scottish accountant friend, who recommended Quartz Wealth, as the MD is a qualified accountant, and had experience of working both in the U.K. and N.Z. 
I needed help to place my assets, which would provide a sensible income, and at the same time make capital gain.
I receive regular updates on performance, and have regular reviews, one on one. I am able to log into their website and follow the performance of all my holdings whenever required, without reference. 
I would certainly recommend Quartz Wealth.”

"We had had a bad experience with our bank investment managers & had lost confidence in their ability to provide us with financial advice for the future.

We had decided that we needed the assistance of a financial advisor we could trust & feel comfortable with.

Having been in the insurance industry for some considerable time we were aware of Glenn Read’s reputation, experience & expertise in the investment & financial planning field and decided that we should get him to review our portfolio.

Glenn did a thorough review of our financial situation at that time & after discussing what our future objectives/plans were he provided us with a logical approach to our future financial planning & investments.

Since that time Glenn has provided regular updates & reviews of our portfolio & keeps us informed of any changes that may occur in the financial world & importantly how these changes might effect us.

We are happy to recommend Glenn to anyone seeking advice with their financial planning & investments."

Dave and Sheryl

“On reflecting on your presentation of possible plans for the future in our initial review meeting, I want to thank you for doing an excellent job. We came to you with questions in our mind and a couple of ideas about the next immediate steps to take. You have taken a much wider, more holistic view of our current situation than we ourselves could see, helping us to clarify what we really value most in the next 5 to 10 years, and showing us more than one way to get there. With the knowledge and insights you have given us we realize that our initial ideas were not the best - or only - way forward for us at this stage of our lives and there are better options available. We look forward to refining our plan with you to include the new ideas that have become apparent in our meeting today. It is great to know, after feeling a bit 'stuck' for a long while, that we now have viable options from which to create an achievable future plan.”

Katherine and Evan