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Quartz Wealth Investment Portfolios

At Quartz Wealth we offer globally diversified portfolios with assets allocated to equities, property, fixed interest and cash. There are a variety of options for clients to invest in to suit a mix of risk profiles, with a total of 21 different portfolios to choose from.

Core Portfolios

These globally diversified portfolios have assets allocated to equities, listed property, fixed interest and cash. They incorporate modest tilts towards smaller companies and ‘value’ in equity markets and towards credit in fixed income.

Socially Responsible Investing

SRI is the incorporation of social, ethical, moral, environmental or political criteria into an investment strategy, while still achieving financial goals. These portfolios are globally diversified across the same asset classes as the Core portfolios, but they utilise funds who incorporate further considerations of social responsibility into their investment process.

PIE Portfolios

These portfolios apply a passive investment approach designed to replicate index returns and do so via the tax efficiency of PIE funds by only investing in funds which are portfolio investment entities (PIEs). They are a cost-effective solution while still providing global exposure across the various asset classes.

Each investment style has seven portfolios to suit different investment objectives and risk profiles, ranging from a Pure Growth to an Income portfolio. The most important aspect of the strategy is the allocation between Growth and Income assets. Growth Assets are more volatile in nature and the return on these assets is more in the form of capital growth. Income Assets are less volatile in nature and the return on these assets is more in the form of income generation.

graphs showing pure and high growth portfolios