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KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme

KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme is designed for sophisticated investors that want customisable investment choices. It provides investors with access to professional advice to help them reach their long term goals. We are accredited advisers of the KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme.

Benefits of the KiwiWRAP KiwiSaver Scheme include:

Take Control
KiwiWRAP transfers the control of the investment decision making from a single fund manager into the hands of you and your adviser.

Value of Advice
Access to an accredited Quartz Wealth adviser who will develop a personalised plan that suits your needs, and provide ongoing advice and investment education

Investors can access the custodial platform and see details of the underlying investments held, transactions, income earned, tax paid and fees charged.

Diversified investment portfolios
You can get access to leading fund managers through professionally managed globally diversified portfolios.

Get the benefits of a ‘best of breed’ approach to your KiwiSaver investment rather than a one stop shop. We are independent to the underlying fund managers, giving you confidence that there is no conflict in interest when selecting and monitoring investments.

Integrate your investments
KiwiWRAP allows you to align your KiwiSaver investment with other investments you may have with us, allowing you to have a consistent investment strategy.

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