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Investment Philosophy

At Quartz Wealth we believe any wealth creating activity needs to be approached the same way regardless of the underlying opportunity. It’s about ensuring it fits in with your personal goals, objectives and financial circumstances, that you’re making sound, well considered decisions, that you’re comfortable with the level of risk and that you’re taking a longer term view.

When it comes to investing in the financial markets, we believe in taking an evidence-based approach to investing, grounded in economic theory. This means using academic research, creating highly diversified portfolios, focusing on what you can control, minimising costs and removing emotion. Markets will go up and down, but by being disciplined, and having a long-term plan with the right amount of risk for you, we believe that you have the best chance of having a positive investment experience and achieving your goals.

Quartz Wealth has its own Investment Committee, responsible for the governance of its portfolios, the fund managers and custodian, and ensuring compliance with New Zealand investment standards and regulations.

graph showing Quartz Wealth Investment Philosophy