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Fair and transparent pricing is our leading principle

We want you to be able to choose the services you want and need

Our fee structure gives you choices based on the complexity of your situation, not the amount of money you have to invest.

You can make significant savings under this structure when compared to a traditional percentage-based fee model.

With a fixed-fee, wealth advisory services are now accessible to more than just those who have significant sums to invest.


Service Programme Fees

A transparent annual fixed fee (payable monthly) for ongoing advisory services means that you pay only for the service level you choose based on what you want and need

Investment Product Fees

A low cost, percentage based fee for investment products means that with our new fee structure, we can keep costs low because we are not bundling the advice and planning fee with the product fee

So how does this work?

We charge an annual fixed fee for the service level that you choose and a reduced percentage based fee on any investment products you need.


How is this different?

Our retainer fee model is very different to other wealth providers in New Zealand.  Most wealth advisers will charge an asset-based fee packaging together advisory, investment planning and investment management services.  This traditional model means your service level and the fees you pay are aligned to the sum you have invested, not to what services you need or want.

We believe our model gives you choice, control and clarity about what you are getting.  For us it's all about being fair and transparent.